Welcome to Dogstarline.  My name is Tony Macgregor and among other design projects, I build websites to suit any budget. I’ll help you find the best host and secure your domain, build the website you require, then optimise the finished site. In short, I’ll help you get where you need to be. With prices starting from as little as £250 for a five page site, a modern, responsive, functional website is well within your reach. I can also troubleshoot any issues you may have with older websites or transfer your old site  into an entirely new framework. I am quite friendly so don’t be scared to ask questions, I am here to help and a free quote is only a call away. I also produce graphic and traditional artworks to suit any project you might have in mind. Prices start from £50.

What we do


Website Building
Website Recovery
Website Optimization
Website Maintenance

I build simple, responsive, websites that look great whatever device your potential customers view them on. Prices start from as little as £250 for a five page site. I can also take care of updates, maintenance (if required) and optimization. Get in touch for a free quote, my prices are very reasonable. I can also resurrect old websites by transferring the content into a new WordPress installation, making your website readable on all modern devices.


Cover Design
Poster Design
Business Branding
Business Logo Design
Print Advertisement design

Whether it’s a new logo for your business or a stunning cover for your masterpiece, present your work to the world in its Sunday best. It needn’t be expensive either, prices for a simple, bespoke cover for a book or album start from as little as £50. Just let me know what you need, how you imagined it would look, and I’ll give you a great quote. Get in touch.


Why Dogstarline


I like to keep web design simple. I aim to provide you with an attractive, functional website, not some lumbering, complex beast of a thing that you don’t understand and can’t afford to fix. All the websites I build these days are on a WordPress foundation so when your business grows you can easily extend and adapt your website to suit.


It doesn’t cost anything to be nice. If I’m friendly and approachable, you are far more likely to open up and tell me exactly what you need. If I understand the ethos and character of your business I can provide you with a website you love. Simple.


I have  very few overheads so I can offer you these services at great prices. Most people don’t need a huge website so why would you pay for one? With me, you get what you need for a fair price. If you run any kind of business you should have a presence online and I can give you a great looking website without breaking the bank. Just get in touch.