My name is Tony Macgregor and I build websites. I also like to make handbags and I’m currently studying for a degree in economics but that’s another story. Here I will provide you with a great service for a budget price by keeping things nice and simple and having very few overheads. I am based on the outskirts of Edinburgh but thanks to technology it doesn’t matter where you are, local or international, if you need a nice website, I can make it. If you need a great cover for a book or album, I can do it. If you have a clunky old website that doesn’t fit the world any more, I can unpick it, remake it and send it into tomorrow, shiny and new. I’m here to help, just ask.



I like to keep web design simple. I aim to provide you with an attractive, functional website, not some lumbering, complex beast of a thing that you don’t understand and can’t afford to fix. All the websites I build these days are on a WordPress foundation so when your business grows you can easily extend and adapt your website to suit.


It doesn’t cost anything to be nice. If I’m friendly and approachable, you are far more likely to open up and tell me exactly what you need. If I understand the ethos and character of your business I can provide you with a website you love. Simple.


I have  very few overheads so I can offer you these services at great prices. Most people don’t need a huge website so why would you pay for one? With me, you get what you need for a fair price. If you run any kind of business you should have a presence online and I can give you a great looking website without breaking the bank. Just get in touch.