Springtime Offers

SEO STARTER £50 (normally £100)

Search engine optimisation really is one of the dark arts these days. What I’ll do is make sure you have as much chance as anyone else to naturally increase your Google rankings. For a one off fee of £50 (normally £100) I will go through your website and eliminate any problems in the background I know to cause issues with the Google algorithm. You can have a fantastic website with great content but if Google don’t like it for some reason, you will be lost in the search results and no one will ever see it. SEO must be approached as a long term project and it does take time and effort to get to the top but what I offer is a VERY good start. The offer price of £50 is available for a limited time only.


WORDPRESS FACELIFT £100 (normally £200)

Does your website look a bit tired and dated? I can help! If you have a WordPress website I can change the design of your website whilst preserving all your pages and content for just £100 (normally £200). First we would have a conversation about how you want your site to look; I would then back up your entire website and databases and get started with the facelift. In doing this I would obviously clean up your files and eliminate any SEO issues I come across, update everything and send your site out shiny and new. The offer price of £100 is available for a limited time only.


WEBSITE MOT £50 (normally £100)

Website problems can accumulate over time and these problems can seriously affect your Google ranking which in turn affects your placement in search results. For a one off price of £50 (normally £100) I’ll go through your site with a fine tooth comb and identify any issues that might be adversely affecting the performance of your site. As a matter of course I update, optimise, and clean things up as I go. I’ll also provide you with a report of what I’ve done along with notes on any identified issues and how you could go about solving them. The offer price of £50 is available for a limited time only.



If you have a WordPress installation but are working with website building software you are probably extremely frustrated by how limiting it is. There is hope. I can transfer what you’ve done so far into the actual WordPress dashboard which gives you the power of the entire WordPress universe and the freedom to take back control. I will also provide you with guidance notes on how to perform simple updates and changes to your site to let you get on with your masterpiece! For a short time I’m offering to do this for just £50!