Web Design






You tell us what you want from your website, what you need it to do, the aesthetic you’re going for, and your budget.
Whether its a simple, one page website (like this one) or something more complex, we’ll be able to talk you through
your options and boil it all down to a plan that suits.







The first part of the build is establishing a domain name and hooking you up with a web-host. We take a 25%
deposit at this point to cover the domain registration and the first years web hosting. Then we install all the
necessary databases in your web space which lay the foundations for your new site. Here we can start to be creative
and begin work on the bones of the website, before long we’ll have something that should resemble our plan.







We’ll get in touch with you at this point to let you know your site is ready to view and when we’re all happy, we’ll
send you the remainder of the bill. Once payment is cleared, you’ll get the keys to your new kingdom (ie. all the
login details for your web space and your website installation). All done.